NOW TV Rebrand

Simply brilliant entertainment

So many streaming services, so little time

NOW is one of Europe’s biggest streaming platforms – bursting with live sports, cinema-fresh films and brilliant box sets. With competition mounting from some of the world’s most powerful brands, I helped created a distinctive new positioning, identity and brand experience to set NOW apart and make sure that their members never miss out on the entertainment they love.

Welcome to the 2020s – and the golden age of TV. Housebound, people are watching more TV than ever before and OTT platforms are spending more money to catch attention. Everyone from behemoths like Netflix and Disney+ to more regional players like Channel 4 are fighting for preference. It’s beyond crowded – and for the customer, overwhelming.

The previous proposition was simple – the best entertainment, without a contract. In a space of world-class competition, we needed something stickier. In 2021, NOW was redefined for customers, carving out a distinctive space within the market.

A new identity

The transformation went to the core experience, positioning NOW as a destination. A place for people who genuinely love and live for brilliant entertainment. NOW TV became NOW – simpler, tighter and more focused on getting people to the entertainment they need in an instant.
With a framing device, a logo illumination to draw attention, and by using content as our colour, we focused intently on the experience of watching – showing off our world-class entertainment, like live Premier League and the latest blockbuster releases. We also created a OOH campaign that set out the new NOW agenda and launched the brand.