The Collector

Sky is the biggest advertiser in the UK, and this is Sky Creative Agency’s biggest ever advertising campaign

I was asked to be Creative Lead on Sky’s biggest EVER advertising campaign running under the tagline: ‘Sky Q. Everything you love, all in one place, easy’. A campaign aiming to showcase and celebrate the individuality of its TV viewers as well as Sky Q’s ease of use. It was run across the entire business including Republic of Ireland, Italy, Germany and Comcast in the US and made during peak lockdown!

We took our time to gather insight and early on in the process we realised that people see their viewing habits as a reflection of themselves. We got to this idea of showcasing ‘the collector’ – effectively our customers collect things that make up who they are. So the ads are a dramatic portrayal of this process.

This was a fully integrated campaign. Creating high impact OOH as well as an extensive digital and audio strategy tapping into key passion points, using data and contextual online behavior to drive relevancy. Taking this great idea and tailoring to suit a vast range of media, taking it right through the line and on into content creation.