Almost Breaking Bad

Here’s another one from the archives! An idea and script I wrote for Bryan Cranston to promote the Breaking Bad anniversary boxset release. We were all set to film and Bryan loved the idea, unfortunately a licensing agreement for the release meant we had to down tools. Here’s a look at what could have been.

The Idea

Sky & Breaking Bad

An Iconic channel and a groundbreaking TV series, what’s not to like about this winning combination?

You’re starting strong and you’ve got a great offer, and incredibly Bryan may be able to help out.

We think that means you can be really confident, and playful, and make something mem- orable…and a bit daft.

We’re all used to (and indeed bored by) the smooth, assured association between big names and big brands… what we’re not so used to is undermining that relationship, and doing so in a way that absolutely cements the proposition (a whole season of the highest quality drama and all of it ..on Sky’s dime).

Enough small talk here’s a script that assumes that we can get Bryan for some time in the studio, that makes the most of his comedy skills and his acting chops, and maximises any availability we might get with him.

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